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Winter program

Winter program   For a good moult of the down feathers and constant health during the winter months, our winter program from December to February for all breeding and racing pigeons:   Every 4 weeks, 3 days B.S. (Better Digestion): 1 sachet in 2 litres of...

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Young birds racing season

Young birds racing seasonThe Paramyxo vaccination is best done by your veterinarian when the youngsters are about 5 weeks old. This vaccination should be repeated 4-6 weeks after the first vaccination. Squabs that are weaned are given a B.S. cure of 7 days: 1 sachet...

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Moulting program

Moulting program Our moulting program offers the best requirements for optimum health and an impeccable moult. Thanks to perfect moulting, the basis for optimum performance is laid for the next season.   Directly after the racing season or between the end of the...

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Breeding program

Breeding program Preparation A few weeks before maiting, it is advisable to have your pigeons’ droppings checked for the presence of worms, coccidiosis and paratyphus and treat them if necessary. - For coccidiosis and/or trichomoniasis, we recommend treatment...

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Old birds racing season

Old birds racing seasonPreparation:1 week before the start of the season: 3 consecutive days A.S. (Antislijm)  or OrniSpecial  - 1 sachet in 2 litres of water.Short and Middle Distance:Tuesday: BelgaBion  - 1 sachet in 3 litres of water or 1 sachet in 1.5 kg of...

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