Belgica de Weerd

Like father, like son

Already at a young age, Henk de Weerd was allowed to join his father Piet during visits to top fanciers all over the world, and in this way he was brought-up with the fascination for pigeons. Therefore it is not surprising that Henk also became a great fan of pigeons and, after completing his training as a veterinary surgeon, specialized himself in the treatment of racing pigeons.

Pigeon clinic Breda

Since 1972, dr. Henk de Weerd has been active as a veterinarian specialized in the medical and sport technical guidance of racing pigeons. Through his background, knowledge and experience he has become one of the leading veterinarians in the field of racing pigeons, who, like his father, travels around the world to share his knowledge. Nowadays a team of specialists in his pigeon clinic in Breda, to whom Henk has passed on his knowledge and years of experience, is ready to provide fanciers from around the world with advice to bring and keep their pigeons in good health and condition. Advice which is not limited to medical issues, but also involves matters like racing systems, feed, loft installations, mating and selection.

Active worldwide

The counseling not only takes place in the clinic in Breda, but also in the clinics in Ransdaal (the Netherlands), Colchester (England) and Beijing (China). In addition, via all possible means of communication such as by telephone, email and of course social media. Over 100,000 fanciers from more than 40 countries around the world call on the knowledge and experience of Dr. Henk de Weerd and his team at Pigeon Clinic Breda, striving to provide all fanciers, from hobbyist to professional, not only with medical advice but also to help them to achieve their goals in the sport.

Belgica de Weerd

Henk de Weerd is not only a pioneer as a veterinarian, but also in the field of developing specialized medication and feed additives for pigeons, which are commercialized under the brand name Belgica de Weerd. All these products have been developed after in-house research and extensive practical tests and are produced in accordance with the GMP standards. Of course, all products are free of doping.



Pigeon fanciers all over the world satisfactorily use the Belgica De Weerd product range. The list of references of successful and satisfied customers continues to grow steadily and we are always glad to see how many fanciers show their gratitude for the advice of Henk and his team and the added value of the Belgica de Weerd products in reports on the occasion of a victory.