Young birds racing season

The Paramyxo vaccination is best done by your veterinarian when the youngsters are about 5 weeks old. This vaccination should be repeated 4-6 weeks after the first vaccination. Squabs that are weaned are given a B.S. cure of 7 days: 1 sachet in 2 litres of water or 1 sachet over 1 kg of feed. About 10 days before training flights, they receive a B.S. cure again, but then of 5 days.
During the first training flights, upon their arrival home, we advise giving the youngsters  4 in 1 Mix for 1.5 days to suppress any possible adeno-coli infection they may have incurred through the stress in the basket.

During the racing season:

Tuesday:  BelgaBion – 1 sachet in 3 litres of water or 1 sachet in 1.5 kg of feed.

over the feed: 10 ml of Belgasol or Belga Biovit, then mix the feed with 1 measuring spoon of Belga Super Fit and 1 measuring spoon or 1 sachet of BelgaBac.
If a tough race is expected, the feed can be moistened with 15 ml Belgarlic + Vit. E  or 15 ml of  Essential Oil.

1 day before basketing:
Orni 3  or OrniSpecial: 1 sachet or 2 measuring spoons in 2 litres of water. Instead of Orni 3 or OrniSpecial, Belga Tai or Ornisol can also be given with great success.
Also over the feed: 15 ml of  Belga Essential Oil or 15 ml of Belgarlic + Vit. E ; then, mix the feed with 1 measuring spoon Belga Carbo Energy.

Immediately upon returning home from a race:
Belgasol (25 ml per litre of water), for 1.5 day B.S . (Better Digestion): 1 sachet in 2 litres water or 1 kg of feed.