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The international programme to success for the pigeonsports

Since 1972 Dr. de Weerd has specialised himself in the medical requirements and complete guidance of the owners and trainers of racing pigeons. Eight specialists are employed at his clinic in Breda. Every day pigeon fanciers from around the world are advised by telephone, fax or e-mail and their many problems solved.

Many famous fanciers consult Dr. de Weerd at his clinic about therapies, prevention of diseases, techniques in the sport, loft construction and design, breeding programmes, advice on feeding, maintenance of top condition etc.

Over 50.000 regular customers place their trust in the professional skills and the know how of “Pigeonclinic Breda”.

As a young boy Dr. de Weerd visited many top lofts in Belgium and Holland with his famous father Piet de Weerd. Subsequently they visited Germany, the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Polen, Spain, Portugal, Japan, China, etc. Thousands of fanciers have attended the lectures given by Piet de Weerd and his son Dr. de Weerd on topics such as selection and pigeon diseases.
The products of Belgica de Weerd are all developed by the company, doing its own research and are of course free of any kind of doping. Each product is field-tested in real race competition by top fanciers before Belgica de Weerdintroduced it.
Today the products of Belgica de Weerd are used with enormous success in more than 25 countries. More than 70 % of the top fanciers in The Netherlands use the “Success-programme” of Belgica de Weerd. They are more than pleased with their results.


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