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Trichomoniasis (canker) is caused by a flagellate living on the mucous membranes of the throat and crop. Breaks out at any age, also in nest youngsters. Clinically one can see yellow spots deep behind in the throat (upwards and sidewards).It is never a loose membrane. – read more


Symptoms of paratyphoid are a.o.t.: loss of condition and weight, green, slimy droppings (diarrhoea), swellings of leg joints or wing joints, twisted neck (seldom), infertile eggs, one eye blindness (seldom), limping (cripple), feather(s) with blood- keel. – read more

Adenocoli syndrome

The last decade this has been the biggest problem in young birds up to 9 months old.Up to 70% may be infected and show these symptoms. The disease is a combination of an Adeno virus which opens the way for the suddenly aggressive E-Coli bacteria (facultative pathogenic). – read more

Ornithose complex

Symptoms of upper respiration problems: lack of condition, nasal secretions, scratching the head and beak, decreases desire to fly, swollen (“wet”) eyelids, sneezing, rattling and coughing, red throat, dry feathers, off standing feathers around the ear. – read more


Symptoms of worms: loss of condition, suffer from indigestion, bad stools, loss of weight, disturbance of the fertility. – read more


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