Modern pigeon sport is a complex combination of factors. The quality of the pigeons, the management, the loft and the motivation among other things, play an important role, but of course, also the health of the pigeons.

In this section of our website you will find practical guidance for the care of your pigeons, in particular maintaining health and condition.

Under Diseases you will find a description of the syndromes of the most common pigeon diseases. Under Medical Guidance you will find plans for the different seasons, compiled by Henk de Weerd. And under the heading Articles you will find a number of articles written by Dr. De Weerd about current problems in pigeons, he encounters in his daily practice.

Advise and support

In case of health problems with your pigeons, it is always advisable to consult a specialized pigeon veterinarian.

Of course, our pigeon vets, Henk de Weerd and Domien van Acker, and their assistants Jan van Wanrooij and Iwona Detka, are happy to advise and support you, both in our clinic in Breda (by appointment) as well as by telephone (076-560 02 22 ) or by email (